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Xusheng cup carrier trays is officially launched!

Author: Robin     Publish Time: 2022-10-03      Origin: Robin

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The compostable cup carrier trays is the perfect solution to safely carry multiple drinks at once. Our carrier trays series are suitable for 4oz, 9oz, 12oz and 16oz and other multi-size cups, which are very suitable for express delivery, cafes or groceries.

Double grid cup holder


These compostable carrier trays are made of molded pulp fibers, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and unique design. Our carrier trays are strong and not easy to tear. They are light and durable and super convenient to carry.


◆ Perfect size: Our carrier trays can hold four cups of different or the same size at a time, or place other items in the grid, such as mason jars filled with salad or dessert cups.

◆ Multi-cup: Very suitable for food line lovers! This efficient carrier trays can store multiple cups in a beautiful package, which is super convenient.

◆ Environmental protection: Biodegradable and made of recycled molded pulp fibers. This product is very suitable for environmentally conscious consumers. In addition, they fold flat, saving space.

◆ Dual-purpose cold and hot: This carrier trays is suitable for a variety of external use occasions with dual-purpose cold and hot. It is very suitable for carrying cold drinks such as ice cream, coffee and smoothies on hot summer days, or even soup or hot tea on cold winter nights.

Allow customers and delivery personnel to safely transport multiple cups at a time, ensuring that all beverages are not spilled and messy.

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