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Why we should choose eco friendly tableware over single use plastic

Author: ecocuplids     Publish Time: 2023-03-22      Origin: ecocuplids

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Disposable tableware has made our lives easier. From carrying lunch during a plastic container to serving guests in plastic plates, these disposable single-use cutleries have crept into our lives and have become our greatest friends.

Certainly, they create our post-party pack up easier. Allow us to remain without having to stress about washing dozens of dishes after the party is over. But unfortunately, this convenience comes at a cost! With more and more plastic waste getting dumped irresponsibly, the planet is now facing the main environmental issue of Plastic Pollution.

According to a survey conducted by Central Pollution control panel , “the quantity of plastic waste that's generated in India is about 15,342.6 tonnes per day”. Out of which the entire plastic that's collected and recycled is about 9,205 tonnes per day while the 6,137 tonnes goes uncollected and that they neither get decomposed nor do they get degraded.

Apart from destroying the environment, these single-use plastic cutleries are completely unhealthy. once you take food from plastic container or plates, you ingest toxins. this is often the first reason, why you want to switch to biodegradable tableware made up of sugarcane pulp or other natural products.

★ HEAVY DUTY - made with superior strength that won't break or crack under moderate pressure.

★ EARTH FRIENDLY - 100% renewable, sustainable & compostable, made from bagasse, a by-product of sugarcane processing.

★ SAFE - freezer & microwave safe, SGS certified.

★ 100% tree and plastic free.

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