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Why do people prefer to use biodegradable paper plates and cutlery?

Author: ecocuplids     Publish Time: 2023-03-31      Origin: ecocuplids

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Biodegradable paper plates and cutlery is a nice invention. For people, environmentally friendly tableware uses relatively simple materials and does not have too many chemical components, so it is safer and healthier for people to use.

For the entire global environment, the use of environmentally friendly tableware has the characteristics of easy recycling and disposal, and will not cause great pollution to the environment. Therefore, environmental protection tableware still needs to be widely promoted.


The biodegradable paper plates made of bagasse are non-toxic, tasteless and can be used with confidence.

Biodegradable paper cutlery is also made from bagasse through processing, shaping and other processes. In the process of production and use, it is non-toxic and has no side effects to the human body. Since the raw material used is sugar cane, it can be quickly decomposed in the natural environment when discarded after normal use.


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