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What to prepare for Christmas

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-22      Origin: Site

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As you enter December, you will feel the rich atmosphere of Christmas, and this flavor is getting stronger as Christmas approaches and children are looking forward to it. So what do you need to prepare for a very ceremonial Christmas you want to prepare for.


Holly wreaths, also known as Christmas wreaths, are generally made of evergreen branches, such as pine and cypress branches, mistletoe , Ivy or Holly, and then decorated with pine cones, cinnamon, fruit, cotton, Christmas balls, bows and other types of materials. Many people hang the wreath on the front door and sometimes place four candles in the middle of the wreath on the table for Christmas dinner, starting on the fourth Sunday night of the penultimate day of Christmas, with a new candle lit every Sunday (the candle is extinguished on the day of the celebration). Mistletoe is a sacred plant with an ancient tradition of people kissing each other under the mistletoe tree (or wreath) as a symbol of love.


The Christmas tree is the most important element of Christmas decoration. The earliest Christmas trees were outside the house, and were gradually moved inside the house in order to avoid the hard work of guarding the gifts lost under the tree. It is said that the Christmas tree first appeared in ancient Rome, and later became a deep-rooted tradition in Germany under the influence of German missionaries, and then spread to England in the early 19th century. Because of its brilliant green color and pleasing fragrance, the fir tree is the most traditional and popular Christmas tree because the leaves do not fall off easily after cutting and drying. The Christmas Ornament Sets are rich in blessings: the green color of the tree symbolizes long life; the silver/white ribbons indicate holiness and the gold ribbons indicate glory; the Christmas ball is based on the apple, symbolizing the abundant supply and peace in the Garden of Eden, the paradise on earth; the bell is based on the bell in the hand of the shepherd, symbolizing the lost people searching for the sound and finding God, the Good Shepherd; the hand is based on the bell in the hand of the shepherd. to find God, the Good Shepherd; the walking stick is the walking stick of the shepherd in the wilderness and the initial "J" of Jesus, which is used by the shepherd to pull up the lamb that has fallen into the trap, symbolizing that the lost people will return to the right path; the candle and the light are The candles and lights are symbols of the starlight on Christmas Eve and represent our gratitude to the Star of Bethlehem; the butterfly knot symbolizes that we should be bound together by God's eternal love; the round Christmas wreath has no beginning and no end, symbolizing that God's love for us has no beginning and no end. All this is a kind of expectation and longing for human beings to aspire to happiness, and everyone spares no money on Christmas decorations, and the merchants earn a lot of money.


Christmas cracker, inspired by the traditional French lollipop wrapped in paper, was invented by London confectioner Tom Smith in the late 1840s. Before eating Christmas dinner, they would pull this paper tube, pulling it open will make a slight explosion, the tube will contain a toy, a paper hat and a joke, is an indispensable Christmas decoration gifts.


Christmas cracker, inspired by the traditional French lollipop wrapped in paper, was invented by London confectioner Tom Smith in the late 1840s. Before eating Christmas dinner, they would pull this paper tube, pulling it open will make a slight explosion, the tube will contain a toy, a paper hat and a joke, is an indispensable Christmas decoration gifts.

Christmas gifts - reflect the Christmas spirit through Christmas gifts, be kind and helpful.
Starting from December 6, St. Nicholas Day (called Mikulas in Hungary), the Christmas party celebrations are kicked off with a variety of organized gatherings in cities, communities, schools, social groups, families, friends, etc., in which everyone exchanges gifts and enjoys good food together. The most excited are the children, every party they can receive free gifts, this kind of daily expectations and surprises will continue until Christmas Eve.
There are still many poor people in the world who do not have enough clothes and food to eat, let alone to buy Christmas gifts. Before Christmas, various social organizations and groups organize gift and food donations, which are voluntary, not forced, and are not recorded by name, fully reflecting the individual Christmas will to do good to others and help them.


Santa Claus, alias Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas or Santa, is widely believed to have evolved from the Christian saint Saint Nicholas (SaintNicholas). Legend has it that every night on December 24, a sleigh pulled by nine reindeer would fly through the sky, go door-to-door, burrow through the chimney into the house, and then sneak presents into the stockings on the bed of good children or pile them under the Christmas tree by the fireplace. Later, santa was commercially packaged by Coca-Cola and became "Santa Claus" with a red hat, a large white beard, a red cotton coat, red boots, and a large sack with presents. Now children are very smart, it is difficult to believe in a Santa Claus overnight drilling so many chimneys of myth, so some people have the original idea of establishing a Santa Claus tracking site, tracking Santa Claus to and from the trail, very interesting.


Rudolph the Red-NosedReindeer, the world's only reindeer with a big red nose, specializes in pulling Santa's sleigh, and is one of the nine reindeer in the lead. Rudolph's red nose is like a lighthouse that penetrates the fog and carries Santa safely up every chimney, rain or shine! The red nose was once its shame, but now it is the envy of everyone, Rudolph became the hero of the children's hearts.


Christmas cards are very popular in the United States and Europe, with up to one billion cards sent each year in the United States alone. In addition to expressing the joy of celebrating Christmas, sending Christmas cards is also the best way to express blessings to friends and relatives, especially to those who are lonely, but also a kind of affectionate care and comfort. This year, when the President of the United States answered the army's question about his gift to the First Lady, he specifically mentioned that he had chosen a very, very beautiful Christmas card for the First Lady, which shows the importance of Christmas cards in Christmas. With the popularity of email and e-cards, sending Christmas greetings to friends and important clients before Christmas is also a necessity for successful people.


Christmas pudding is an important part of Christmas dinner, originated in medieval England, people will follow the tradition of making pudding before Advent, many families have their own ancestral Christmas pudding recipe, some with rum, brandy and other alcoholic beverages, the storage period is relatively long, can be stored for up to a year.

Christmas Cake andcandy has become an integral part of the Christmas menu, usually baked with eggs, butter, desserts and fruits, and many families bake more than five kinds of various pastries. Germany's traditional gingerbread cake is made with honey and pepper grains and sprinkled with a layer of icing on the outside for a sweet and spicy, exciting taste. The Hungarian Bejgli (poppy seed or pecan roll) is a must-have traditional pastry for Christmas, with poppy seeds signifying wealth and honey representing health. Traditional candy canes are also a must for Christmas pastries.
Eggnog is a traditional Christmas drink. Invented by the British in the 17th century, eggnog has always been a festive drink for the middle and upper classes in the UK, as it needs to be made with fresh milk and brandy. With the popularity of refrigerators and dairy products, eggnog coffee has become a Starbucks Christmas offering.
Roast turkey (Turkey) is the representative work of Christmas dinner, its status is like the Chinese dumplings, the custom has continued for more than 300 years, more than the history of the United States. Because there is very little fat in turkey, roasting a tender and juicy turkey is not easy. The skin and meat are usually filled with minced pancetta or butter marinated in spices, and the turkey's belly is filled with stuffing, such as onions, asparagus, carrots, celery and other vegetables, and then coated with olive oil and honey before being baked in the oven for 6-8 hours. Hungarians do not eat flying birds on Christmas Eve, but they eat turkey, which shows the charm of turkey.


Christmas dinner plate, in order to meet the festive atmosphere, more and more people will choose with the festive atmosphere of the dinner plate, and more people will choose relatively environmentally friendly disposable dinner plate. After the meal is over, save the trouble of cleaning up and washing the tableware. Here I would be more inclined to sugarcane pulp material disposable dinner plates, bagasse lunch boxes raw materials for natural polymer compounds, can be degraded in the natural environment, sustainable supply, so that natural resources reuse, recycling endless. The raw material is natural, the production process is aseptic, the disinfection inspection is strict, the product will not be toxic to the soil and air after degradation, and there is no danger of secondary pollution.


Christmas carols are hymns to God sung by Christians, set to beautiful music by church choirs and scored by organ, of which Silent Night is the most famous. Christmas music is not only carols, but also a lot of Christmas pop music, such as the well-known "Jingle Bell", which has become a must-have Christmas song, and many people do not care whether it is a Christmas song or a Christmas carol, and some really can't tell the difference, and popular songs like "White Christmas" and "Merry Christmas to All" have also been identified as Christmas carols. The same song is sung in a completely different style and mood by different singers, which is another reason why Christmas music is so popular. Christmas music is as much an integral part of Christmas as Christmas dinner.
When you truly understand the traditions of Christmas, you will be able to set aside the commercial dust of Christmas, leave behind the criticism and prejudice, and experience and enjoy the traditions and culture of Christmas with a sense of respect and knowledge.

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