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What is pulp molded packaging?

Author: ecocuplids     Publish Time: 2023-04-17      Origin: ecocuplids

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pulp molded packaging is a three-dimensional papermaking technology. It uses waste paper as raw material, and displays a certain form of paper packaging products in a rubber and plastic product machine by a unique mold. It has four major advantages: the raw material is waste paper, including gray cardboard, waste paper box paper, waste white frame paper, etc., which has a common origin; its production process is carried out by steps such as paper making, suction forming, drying and setting, and it is harmless to the natural environment. ; It can be recycled and reused; the volume is smaller than that of expanded polystyrene, it can be overlapped, and the road transportation is convenient. pulp molded packaging, in addition to being used for fast food boxes and kitchen utensils, is also used for industrial production of cache outer packaging. The development trend is very fast at this stage.

The pulp molded packaging product is a new type of packaging product that has developed rapidly in recent years, and is a high-quality substitute for logs. The selection of pulp molded packaging products: raw material refining - seasoning - molding - drying - finalizing the production and processing technology. Since a large amount of moisture (about 55-60%) remains on the workpiece after compression molding, the moisture content of the final product is 12-14%, so during the drying process of the workpiece, it is necessary to remove about the weight of the workpiece. , this part of the water all depends on the absorption of heat into water vapor. Because the whole process of drying process has been changed, the energy consumption is very large, and the production and processing of pulp molded packaging products has become a high-energy-consuming commodity. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out heat supply analysis in the whole process of heat transfer of its drying treatment. Because, according to the analysis, the design, production and processing of the dryer equipment can be improved, and the utilization rate of kinetic energy can be increased, which has a very important guiding role in reducing the product cost in the field of pulp molded packaging products.


pulp molded packaging is made of waste paper as raw material. It is the least expensive cached paper packaging product. Lightweight, high quality and low price, shock resistance; has certain strength, stiffness and cushioning characteristics; excellent ventilation and moisture resistance; easy to recycle and reuse, good environmental protection characteristics. However, the strength is very susceptible to external influences. Mainly used in the buffer packaging of mechanical and electrical products with high brittleness value and some foods.

In terms of cost calculation, the anti-vibration raw materials of plastic are incomparable with the raw materials of paper version, especially the pulp molded packaging in cardboard, which uses waste old paper, so the cost is very low, and it is recyclable use. And it's recyclable. Although it is inferior to plastic materials in some performances, the impact of plastic buffer materials on the environment is inevitable and inevitable. Fully considered, pulp molded packaging is very valuable in future development, if it can be used effectively.

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