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The Civil Aviation Industry "Prohibited and Restricted Plastics" was officially issued

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-26      Origin: Site

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Recently, the Civil Aviation Administration issued and implemented the "Civil Aviation Industry Plastic Pollution Control Work Plan (2021-2025)", which puts forward phased goals for the current and future period of strengthening the industry's plastic pollution control, and made specific work arrangements to further promote the green development of the civil aviation industry .

In 2019, my country's civil aviation transported 660 million passengers and 7.5314 million tons of cargo and mail. Airports and flights consumed a large amount of disposable non-degradable plastic cups, tableware, plastic bags and other plastic products. It is understood that some civil aviation companies have taken the lead in launching the prevention and control of plastic pollution. For example, Air China actively promotes the replacement of safe and recyclable tableware; China Eastern Airlines has launched a pilot program for on-board garbage sorting; Xiamen Airlines has fully realized the replacement of on-board plastic cups and purchased on-board environmentally friendly tableware; Capital Airport Group and Shanghai Airport The Group, Guangdong Airport Group, Sichuan Airport Group, etc. have formulated standards and regulations to promote the orderly implementation of the sorted collection, storage and transportation of garbage in terminal buildings and standardized treatment of flight garbage in member airports.


Take airports and airlines as the focus of plastic pollution control, adhere to reduction, standardization, and recycling, and participate in the organic combination of government supervision and industry self-discipline. By 2025, the consumption intensity of disposable non-degradable plastic products in the civil aviation industry will drop significantly compared to 2020, and the application level of alternative products will increase significantly. The intelligent and standardized recycling and treatment system for plastics and other garbage will basically be established, and the civil aviation industry will have more synergy with plastic pollution control related industries. In-depth and effective.


According to the implementation plan and content, starting from 2022, disposable non-degradable plastic bags, disposable non-degradable plastic straws, stirring rods, meals/cupware, and packaging bags will be relevant to airports with an annual passenger throughput of 2 million (inclusive) passengers. Provision is prohibited on regional and domestic passenger flights, and the scope of implementation will be further extended to national airports and international passenger flights starting from 2023.

In addition, while strengthening source control, it is proposed to encourage the promotion of alternative product application and waste recycling through technological innovation, management innovation, and diversified coordination, and promote the establishment and improvement of industry plastic product procurement, use, recycling, storage, transportation, and disposal. System to ensure that the industry’s plastic bans and restrictions have achieved tangible results.

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