Home » News » In addition to nuclear wastewater, a lot of PLA is also flowing into the Pacific Ocean

In addition to nuclear wastewater, a lot of PLA is also flowing into the Pacific Ocean

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-21      Origin: Site

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When Japan decided to dump its nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean, we were all furious. But everyone forgot that there are still many "murderers" who are constantly polluting our oceans. For example, PLA.

PLA is one of the degradable plastics, please note that it is a kind of plastic. Because it is a plastic, it has poor high temperature resistance. If it needs to be used in a high temperature environment, a temperature resistant agent has to be added, but this will make the degradation more difficulty.

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Its degradation conditions are chemically defined as: in the soil with a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius and microorganisms, it takes more than 6 months to achieve degradation.

(Data source: Chemical Industry Association)

Is 55 degrees Celsius soil a common environment in nature?

There are many plastic straw manufacturers in China, which are difficult to transform and have serious defects in technology. Through the degradable edge balls, they advocate that PLA straws are truly environmentally friendly products. Are these bosses willing to live in an environment of 55 degrees Celsius to see PLA degradation? 55 degrees of nature What is the environment like, by the way, the average temperature in the Sahara desert is 47 degrees Celsius. A lot of garbage flows from the land into the ocean, there are countless PLA straws, when will they degrade? Those unfortunately choked on plastic and died of suffocation Many PLA materials can be found in dolphins and turtles. Therefore, PLA is no less harmful to marine ecology than nuclear wastewater!!!

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In Europe and the United States, PLA is prohibited from being used on disposable degradable tableware and straws. Because PLA is almost impossible to degrade under natural conditions. So why do many people still use PLA straws? The reason is that there are a lot of cheap and low-quality paper straws on the market. (There are only three or two layers, and the paper is cheap. So is there any good quality and truly environmentally friendly paper straws? We did some research on the market, and the paper straws with imported four-layer paper can be well qualified for high-temperature milk tea. , The smooth drinking mission of smoothie fruit tea can also pierce the cup film of milk tea with a swipe. Moreover, the degradable knife and fork made of pulp are so hard that they can even pierce a steak.

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So don't be fooled by the propaganda of PLA manufacturers. Among the various culprits that pollute the ocean, the harm caused by PLA and nuclear waste water is very serious!!!

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