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Benefits of using sugarcane cutlerydisposable spoon fork knife set

Author: ecocuplids     Publish Time: 2023-09-26      Origin: ecocuplids

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Disposable spoon fork knife set is commonplace in our daily life, especially plastic disposable knife, fork and spoon, which is especially common in fruit fishing, salad light food, western restaurants and other catering.

The disposable spoon fork knife set, which is commonly used daily, is cheap and brings many benefits to our lives. It can not only store fruits and vegetables, but also meet our packing habits. However, plastic tableware is harmful to the human body and should be used as little as possible.

Some plastic tableware contains polystyrene, which will release carcinogens at a high temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. If people use it for a long time and consume too much carcinogen benzene, the body may be damaged.


Although plastic tableware is very convenient to use, it not only harms the body, but also seriously pollutes the environment, especially the disposable spoon fork knife set, which is thrown away after being used once. Not only cannot it be reused, but it cannot be industrially degraded. Small cutlery may take hundreds of years to completely degrade, and the pollution to the environment is immeasurable.

Do you know the disposable knife, fork and spoon in sugarcane cutlery?

The disposable degradable cutlery made by sugarcane cutlery pulp molding process uses a pulp molding wet pressing process to input plant fibers made from bagasse into the molding machine through a pipe to form a wet embryo, and then transfer it to the hot press The shaping machine can be used to make degradable tableware made of pure plant fiber.


Sugarcane cutlery includes disposable biodegradable spoons, disposable biodegradable knives, and disposable biodegradable forks, all of which can be made by the pulp molding process. The cutlery cutlery made is more troublesome than the traditional injection molding process, and the production cost will also be higher. Improve, but reduce the white pollution of the environment to a certain extent. If it were you, would you choose environmentally friendly degradable cutlery made of sugarcane pulp?

Our team is committed to continuous improvement of packaging solutions with sugarcane tableware as the main focus. Sugarcane cutlery helps us achieve our mission of maintaining sustainable, safe and ethical packaging.

We are committed to changing and improving the environment and protecting human health by providing the most innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. If you have questions about disposable spoon fork knife set or need to purchase, please contact us, we can customize more sizes of sugarcane cutlery

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