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2021 23rd China International Baking Exhibition

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-30      Origin: Site

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Sipuwei stands out in the China International Baking Exhibition and shines!

As one of the few companies focusing on natural degradation packaging at the China International Bakery Exhibition in 2021, it has been favored by many well-known companies. The performance is unsurpassed, not only has received a lot of orders, but also popularized the basic environmental protection concept.


At present, with the further implementation of the national plastic ban, and the recognition of healthy eating and light food products by more consumers, biodegradable environmentally friendly tableware has ushered in a period of high development. Plant fiber biodegradable tableware can well help catering brands to achieve Food packaging solutions can achieve long-term food preservation from -36 degrees to 250 degrees.


Sipuwei's live demonstration of the natural degradation process attracted many ladies and sisters to stop and take pictures and keep asking questions. After that, some of the lunch boxes buried in the soil had begun to rot after the third day, which was amazing.

Sipuwei has emerged in the field of environmental protection, shining brilliantly, knowing that the responsibility is heavy, and will continue to develop in the field of environmental protection, non-fluorine, ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature! We guard the future, and we can shape the future!

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