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How much do you know about global plastic treaties

A week of United Nations negotiations over a treaty to end global plastic pollution closed on Friday with many ideas and few decisions, as participants begin the work needed to produce the first legally binding treaty on the issue by the end of 2024.The meeting in the coastal city of Punta del Este,

2022 12-23
Do you know the first person who protects the environment?

Climate protection, nature conservation, environmental protection, species conservation - these concepts are well known today. The first person to coin the phrase "nature conservation" was the German--Philipp Leopold Martin (1815-1885). As you can imagine, these ideas and concepts were very much ahe

2022 12-15
VCG214f0f530b3 (1).jpg
Green environmental protection ▏ Bagasse makes perfect degradable tableware

Biodegradable cutlery made from bagasse and bamboo fiber that degrades in half in 60 days.

2022 02-18
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